Bagabear parties are a unique teddy bear crafting idea guaranteed to appeal to all age groups.

1-1.5 Hour Party Package which includes

  • Games (Age appropriate, Inclusive so no child is left out)
  • Music
  • Prizes
  • Bear skins (can be chosen in advance by each child) are provided and high quality stuffing of the bears begins
  • Each child gets to make a wish adding a wishing star inside their teddy which adds in the magic to bring them to life
  • Birth Certificates are supplied for each bear
  • Teddy’s are put into their special party bags decorated by the children, to take their forever friend bears home in.
  • Guests will gather to celebrate the cake and sing a very special “Happy Birthday” to the Birthday Child
  • Party Games and Dances

Suitable for ages


Party Size

Min. 10
Max 40

Prices From


*based on 8″ Bears for 10 Children

Full Prices & Additional Extras:

 For 8″ Bears
10+bears are £19 each, 15+ bears are £17 each, 25+bears are £15 each.
T-Shirts for the bears which can be decorated are also available at an additional cost of £2.50 per bear – or full outfits are £4.99 each.

For 16″ Bears
10+ Bears are £24, 15+ Bears are £22 each and for 25+ its £20 each.
T-Shirts for 16″ bears are an additional cost of £2.99 per bear.

16″ bears can also come with an outfit. The price of these are for 10+ bears £30, for 15+ bears its £28 and for 25+ its £26.

T&C: Bear stock fluctuates so an updated list will be given for you to choose from on booking. Initial deposit of £75 to be paid for all Bagabear parties. Full orders and balance to be paid within 14 days prior to the party date to allow for delivery.

Telephone – Delia on 07891 722985

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